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Manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages in California is a highly regulated, high-cost and high-risk industry. Even for simple catering functions, advice from an attorney experienced in this niche of the law will save you time and money. Our firm assists producers, distributors, resellers, and retailers of alcoholic beverages. We consult and represent on liquor licensing, dram shop liability, business formation and planning, real estate leasing and acquisition, financing, employment, and contracting. 
We assist our clients in all aspects of Alcoholic Beverage Control licensing, from initial application, representation for contested licenses, appeal of denials, advising on compliance, defense against enforcement, and eventual tranfer or sale of the license. 
Many of our clients are outstanding crafters, vintners, chefs, hosts, and hospitality business persons. But many of our clients do not realize that a liquor license can have a great deal more impact on your business plan and operations than the process of simply filling out an application and paying the fee to secure a license. For example, leases for commercial space for a new retail venue should always include an licensing approval contingency. Get legal advice early to avoid problems later. Setting your business process up early will save you the headache of cleaning up a mess later. 
ABC Licensing.
Whether your are a long time grower/vintner or a small but growing craft brewerer, or somewhere inbetween, we know that your business thrives by standing out in a crowded market place and being a little different and better than your competition. You need someone that can customize proven business models and structures to suit your specific needs and business. We can also give you the tools necessary to create efficiency in your operation and mitigate risk in a higly regulated and competitive industry. We can be an experienced guide through the tangled and ever changing beverage laws and the many ways they will impact your operations.
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